Personal Banking Services

PROAMÉRICA BANK MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards

A PROAMÉRICA BANK MasterCard is one of the keys to financial freedom offering a competitive interest rate and accepted like cash at more than 9 million locations around the globe and in cyberspace. It can also be used for cash advances at more than 200,000 locations worldwide. Included in this family of credit products are Visa Business Card, Visa Platinum, Visa Classic, and Gold MasterCard Credit Cards.

For our customers that like the convenience of a credit card, but do not want to pay the associated interest rates, we also offer the PROAMÉRICA BANK MasterCard (debit card) that looks like a credit card but works like a check and ATM card combined.   Need an ATM?  PROAMÉRICA BANK offers you literally thousands of choices, because you can use any ATM, world-wide, and we will reimburse you any transaction charges assessed to you to complete the transaction.

Why wait for financial freedom? Ask today about a PROAMÉRICA BANK credit/debit card application. It's just another way we're focused on making your financial needs simple.

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